September 13, 2022

Anne-Marie McDermott and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Premiere "Samaa'"

Samaa', which is Arabic for sky, was written after a trip to mainland Yemen in January 2022. Program note below:
Increasingly, my work is inspired by and connected to remote and neglected cultures around the globe. In these works, I am not striving to be the voice of people that live in circumstances much different from my own. I try to write music that reflects my own experiences in these places and my interpretation of what I often find to be beautiful and universal themes. In Samaa’ I had a specific image in mind. I recently traveled to Yemen, a place I found to be mysterious and beautiful and rich and almost mystical. But of course Yemen is in the midst of a decade-long conflict with devastating and long-term impact for Yemenis. I traveled with a man named Kais Alkalisi. Kais guides in Yemen to support 17 of his family members. On a long drive through the desert, he told me a story about how he once took a public bus through Houthi territory on the way to Sana’a, the capital, and how on the way he saw missiles falling from the sky. He told an elderly woman traveling next to him that the missiles were several kilometers away and that she should not worry. This image – of Kais and this woman traveling through a dangerous war zone, missiles raining down around them, is a sweeping, moving, epic image to me: a testament to the lengths people can go simply to live their lives. And while just an image to me, it is something very real to them. It is something I cannot personally describe or attempt to portray. The fear they must have felt, the urgency, the overwhelming basic need to see their loved ones. And yet I am moved by it, and what I can do is express how I feel about that image in the work that I can create. Samaa’ means “sky” in Arabic. This work is generally solemn and reflective, with outbursts of energy called and answered by several “incantations” which occur throughout the piece.

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May 15, 2023

Chris Rogerson Awarded 2022 Stoeger Prize from Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

“We are personally delighted that this year’s Stoeger jury has selected Chris Rogerson as the 2022 recipient of the prize,” said CMS Artistic Directors Wu Han and David Finckel. “Chris’s music embodies all that we look for in the works of today’s chamber music composers: genuine inspiration; knowledgeable and skillful instrumental writing; a combination of immediate appeal and intriguing challenge which invites further hearings; and very importantly, a true sense of the very nature of chamber music as an art form of dialogue between equals. In addition, Chris has proven to be very much a ‘performer’s composer’ in that so many fine players have asked for works from him. Their advocacy and passion, combined with new music of real quality, is what truly drives our art form forward.”
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Sep 10, 2022

Premiere at La Jolla SummerFest

'Til it was dark, for violin, viola, cello, bass, and piano premieres at La Jolla SummerFest to rave review
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Aug 25, 2022

Soovin Kim and Sinta Quartet premiere "Meditation" at Chamber Music Northwest

Soovin Kim and Sinta Quartet premiered "Meditation" at Chamber Music Northwest in late July 2022.