A Fish Will Rise

2014, arr. 2017

I arranged A Fish Will Rise, which was the first movement of my piano trio River Songs, at the request of clarinetist Anthony McGill for his trio, the McGill-McHale Trio. This work opens their debut album, Portraits, and the title is a reference to Norman Maclean's novel A River Runs Through It.

A Single Candle

Excerpt, for full orchestra (2014)

This work, written for the Kansas City Symphony, was written after I visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. The title comes from a line in her diary: "Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness."

String Quartet No. 4, Part I: Fugue


Commissioned by Arizona Friends of Music for the Escher Quartet, my fourth string quartet is in two parts, the first of which is a frantic and imposing fugue.

It Became Dark, Movement II: "Three More Minutes!"

for full orchestra (2018)

This work, originally written for the Kansas City Symphony, explores the themes of nighttime and falling asleep. This movement, "Three more minutes!" imagines some nights I had as a child that might have involved too much sugar...

Thirty Thousand Days, Movement 3: Quasi una ciacona


Commissioned by Chamber Music Northwest for David Shifrin and the Dover Quartet, Thirty Thousand Days is a work in three movements, each depicting a different phase of life. This excerpt evokes the wistful end of a life.